speaker_very_small2Casting is one of those things that can make or break a production. There is more to it than one may think and often times it is not taken as seriously as it should. We provide casting services for our clients should they want to take advantage.

If you want to be considered for any of our upcoming music videos, commercials or movies please submit photos and resume to

Every person in a production has to be cast, from an extra all the way up to the stars. Its sometimes difficult to attract the type of people who will make your production a success. This is where we are strong and can help.

There are some casting calls where only a body is necessary, such as a crowd scene or to have some background action. Then other times individual talent is necessary. Its during these times where it takes a skilled casting crew to pick out the best talent.

It takes running a few casting calls to then realize, its not ever as simple as it initially appears. We have done hundreds and bring that experience to the one we will hold for you. Ready to save time and focus your time towards your production. Let Andre Mayon, Inc. handle your casting needs.

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